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Multidisciplinary Cancer Investigation

Multidisciplinary Cancer Investigation, the official English journal of MCI, is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal focusing on all aspects of ... Read More

Cancer Summer School Program on Cancer

Motamed Institute held Cancer Summer School Program on Cancer “Vice Presidency for Research and Technology along with Vice Presidency for ... Read More

Motamed Breast Cancer Institute is on the right path

Science and Technology Representative of I.R. Iran in Europe during his visit to Motamed Institute said: “Motamed Breast Cancer Institute is on the ... Read More


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Clinics and Expert Centers

Here you could see list of the clinics of IBCRC.

Breast Clinic

Breast clinic is active 6 days a week from Saturday to Thursday 8 am to 7 pm. Seventeen dedicated breast surgeons are working in this clinic managing the patients on the same protocol. ...


Operating Room

The surgical unit of MCI has always used state of the art technologies along with international scientific and technological developments and is one of the first centers to have purchased the Gamma Probe for accurate and ...



Radiology department of the Motamed Cancer Institute is equipped with Digital Mammography, magnification, localization of breast masses, core biopsy, guide wire, methylene blue dye ...


Cancer Benefactors

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, so it's estimated that about one and a half million women in the world are diagnosed with breast cancer every year.Women are an important part of society and their health is deeply linked to the health of others. In addition, women as the wife and mother are the basic pillars of each family, and their involvement in breast cancer research seriously affects each family. The feature of this deadly disease is that its early diagnosis leads to almost complete treatment for the affected person. The Forum of Cancer Supporters and Supporters is trying to prevent and diagnose the disease by communicating and informing the community. Also, by supporting scientific research and research, recognizing the different angles of the disease, it paves the way for proper treatment of patients and financially supporting patients, especially low-income people, to reduce their illness.

Assistance Bank Number


Ordibehesht Branch of the Tejarat Bank

In the name of the Coordinator of breast cancer research

Publications of Institute

Here you could see list of the publications of IBCRC.
Breast Cancer

Clinical Guideline in the Diseases of the Breast

Writing of the present guideline as “Clinical guidelines of diseases of the Breast” has been started since 2009. Due to the rapid developments in medical knowledge especially in the field of breast cancer, we percept the necessity of a territorial guideline based on the international ones and national needs.

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Breast Cancer

Second Chance

When I found the diagnosis I was so tired that I could not even think (I imagined that my work was finished), but the boy and the wedding were very much with me. When I saw, I lost my temper. "You should not think like that for us." We will show the answer to several other surgeons and ask for their diagnosis.

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10th International Tehran Breast Cancer Research Center, Motamed Cancer Institute

23-25 Oct, 2019

Razi International Conference Center, Tehran, Iran