Motamed Cancer Institute

Deputy of Education and Training

MCI Deputy of Education and Training supports a variety of postgraduate academic degree-based courses, hand-on training, skill training, laboratory mentorship, clinical fellowship, continuing medical education (CME), pre-doctoral and post-doctoral courses, clinical observership as well as workshops, seminars and specialized conferences for national and international candidates.

MCI education is based on multidisciplinary and translational paradigm with a bench to bedside process and the main theme of all subjects is cancer and oncology. However, a broad spectrum of complementary training for research methodology and general scientific skills are being provided with a tendency toward oncology clinical and research applications.

MCI also committed to entrepreneurship of graduated individuals to facilitate early carriers and support the next generation of cancer researchers and introduce novel medical services.

Our educational programs consist of the following categories:

1- Academic degrees including (some *Under approval process)

• Bachelor of genetic counselling for cancer*

• Master of Clinical Research in oncology*

• Master of Biotechnology*

• PhD for psycho-oncology*

• Fellowship in Breast Surgery

• PhD by research in cancer research

• Research Fellow in clinical oncology

2- Short courses including (refer to the annual timetable):

• Post-graduate certificates

• Continuing medical education (CME)

• Workshops and

• Summer internships

• Short visiting observership

• Seminars

• Conferences

• Discussion groups

•3- Laboratory mentorships, not limited to the following hand-on training:

• Cancer genetics

• Immunotherapy

• Biotechnology

• Chemical Biology

• Biomaterials

• Animal models for cancer

• Bioinformatics

4- Social and community-based learnings such as:

• Cancer Patients’ education

• Community awareness for cancer

• Self-examination and symptomatology

• Health promotion meetings

5- Virtual and electronic learning of a variety of subjects in form of videos, slides, podcasts, animations, consulting room, etc