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About Motamed Cancer Institute

Motamed Cancer Institute-Breast Cancer Research Center- was founded in 1996 to provide treatment options for patients with breast cancer through research and education. Our cancer specialists have acquired extensive knowledge on breast cancer, allowing them to deliver the highest standards of care.

Various research departments, including” Clinical researches, Genetics, Life quality and Comprehensive Medical Care, Recombinant proteins, interdisciplinary technologies and advanced treatments and cell therapies” as well as interaction with national andinternational scholars are causes leading to design and accomplish of hundreds of research projects, and thereby to make this center as the most prestigious Breast Cancer facility in the nation and in the Middle East.

The research activities cover annual publication of hundreds of papers, delivering specializedspeeches in global academic communities, manufacturing and registration of lab and therapy products, creating contracts and making memorandums of understanding with reputable academic and research centers at national and international levels.

The primary educational activities consist of holdinginternational conferences and specialized educational courses to update the knowledge of researchers, making serious endeavor to keep scholars informed and increasing the scholars’ knowledge levels.

The subspecialty polyclinic of breast diseases in Motamed Cancer Institute, the sole comprehensive Breast Cancer Research Center in the nation, providing services for diagnosis, treatment and improving the cancer survivor's quality of life by employing specialists in different fields, including genetics, surgery, oncology, pathology, lab sciences, radiology, cell therapy and immunology, medical ethics, counseling and psychology, lymphotherapy, nutrition, diet therapy and other related disciplines treats more than 150,000 patients annually across the country and neighboring countries.

Motamed cancer Institute specialists have taken effective steps to control and reduce mortality from breast cancer among women.